Precious Moments

Loving, Caring and Sharing with Precious Moments Collectibles

When world-renowned artist Sam Butcher first created his beloved, teardrop-eyed characters in his signature pastel colors, he envisioned them touching people’s hearts with the gentle messages of Loving, Caring and Sharing. Ever since, Precious Moments® scenes have been cherished for celebrating the endless joys of the human spirit. The Hamilton Collection Online is delighted to bring you that same joy, captured in a wide selection of collectible Precious Moments figurines. When you select a handcrafted, hand-painted Precious Moments figurine, you bring a small but important part of that joyful spirit into your own life, or the lives of those who receive these fine collectibles as memorable gifts.

From the magic of Disney to the rock and roll styling of Elvis Presley®, each of the adorable Precious Moments figurines that we offer features Sam Butcher's iconic characters in some truly popular themes. You can even catch a Precious Moments couple, camped out on the couch with a foam finger and popcorn, cheering on their favorite NFL team on game day. A touchdown is always in store when you celebrate with the beauty and charm of Precious Moments! And speaking of celebration, family warrants the most special celebration of all, and Precious Moments is happy to oblige with collectible figurines honoring relationships with daughters, mothers, sisters, grandparents, friends and more. Why not share your love for your family with a poignant Precious Moments figurine from us. Remember that many of our collectible figurines are exclusive to The Hamilton Collection so you won't find them anywhere else. Take a moment and discover the wonderful world of Precious Moments today. Shop Now!

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