Precious Moments® Angels Bring Soothing Joy

Artist Sam Butcher created his beloved, teardrop-eyed characters in soft pastel colors to celebrate a world of Loving, Caring and Sharing, and ever since, Precious Moments® has been known for celebrating a joyful spirit inspired by God's love. The Hamilton Collection Online is a wonderful place to discover that gentle and inspired spirit, embodied in Precious Moments angels figurines that bring blessings to all! For instance, select a handcrafted, hand-painted Precious Moments angel figurine to capture angelic blessings for breast cancer awareness or Alzheimer's disease, then display it on a mantel or tabletop to show you care.

When it comes to the positive feeling you want in your home to lift your spirits every day, Precious Moments collectible figurines are the perfect addition. Whatever "precious moments" you want to celebrate in your own life or the lives of loved ones, there's sure to be an impeccably handcrafted, hand-painted Precious Moments collectible to make the event all the more memorable. Best of all, most Precious Moments figurines from The Hamilton Collection Online are exclusive designs, ready to touch your own heart or give as delightful gifts.

Precious Moments Figurines Tell Life's Story

If you're charmed by the gentle inspiration of artist Sam Butcher's Precious Moments characters and the soft pastels of their distinctive color palette, you'll appreciate the unique appeal of our exclusive Precious Moments figurines because every one tells a story - yours! Precious Moments figurines bring their sweet expressions, lovable poses and imaginatively sculpted details to celebrate the milestones, large and small, that make up the fabric of our lives. Precious Moments figurines are not only fine collectibles, but they fill your home with the spirit of loving, caring and sharing all throughout the year.

Precious Moments Collectibles Speak from the Heart

Sometimes, we want to send a special message of love to a family member, but don't know quite how to make the message as memorable as we'd like it to be. Just let Artist Sam Butcher's loving, caring and sharing world of Precious Moments collectibles speak for you, and your loving message will last forever! Designed in the familiar Precious Moments palette of soft pastels, each fine Precious Moments collectible is intricately detailed, and many are inscribed with messages on the base that make your caring and loving message unforgettable. You can feel good knowing that any Precious Moments collectible from The Hamilton Collection Online is an authentic design, delightful to own and perfect to give for any special occasion, or "just because"!

Precious Moments for Daughter, the Perfect Gift

Are you a Mom or Dad looking for a special and timeless way to show your love for your daughter? At The Hamilton Collection Online, you'll find something she will treasure always, even if she's a mother herself! Say everything you want to say when you give a Precious Moments for daughter fine porcelain figurine, so rich with artist Sam Butcher's vision of Loving, Caring and Sharing, and yet personally meaningful to your daughter in a way she will never forget. To see our selection of Precious Moments for daughter figurines and so much more, look first at The Hamilton Collection Online. Shop Now!

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