Fairies and Dragons

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Fairy And Dragon Figurines

Fairy Figurines Bring a Magical World of Fantasy

With their delicate wings and diminutive stature, fairies create a place of magic in the world we know. There are a few things more graceful than the depiction of a mystical fairy, especially when brought to life in collectible figurines like the ones featured here at The Hamilton Collection Online. We have a wide selection of fairy figurines that take the dazzling fairy portraits of acclaimed fantasy artists and transform them into fully sculpted, hand-painted, three-dimensional art treasures you can hold in your hand.

Whether you're drawn to the gothic, fascinated with Native American traditions, or captivated by the secrets of the wild, there's a fairy figurine for everyone among our dazzling selection. We have petite teacup fairies and regal fairy queens, fairies with biker attitude and fairies with butterfly wings. You can cheer on your team with our NFL-licensed football fairies, or share a message of hope with our breast cancer, autism, and heart health support fairies. With such an impressive variety of themes and styles to choose from, you're sure to find a fairy figurine that expresses your individuality.

Artist-Inspired, Delightfully Detailed Fantasy Art Masterpieces

Inspired by the work of such acclaimed fantasy artists as Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Brooke Gillette and Bente Schlick, our fairy figurines are expertly sculpted and hand-painted in exquisite detail that's true to the artist's vision. Many of these charming fairy figurines are embellished with touches of shimmering glitter, real feathers and more. And much like our Precious Moments collectibles and Disney figurines, our fairy figurines make great gifts, because each one is a unique celebration of imagination - and a wonderful way to add a touch of magic to any occasion. So enter our world of fabulous fairy fantasy and Shop Now!