Precious Moments

Precious Moments®: Tender Memories Celebrated!

Precious Moments® artistry has a special way of capturing heartwarming memories that mean so much. Now, share your heartfelt sentiments through this beloved artistry with Precious Moments Figurines, available from The Hamilton Collection Online. Beautiful and meaningful from every angle, these handcrafted treasures celebrate loving, caring and sharing in memorable style!

There are so many Precious Moments figurines to choose from but each expresses something unique; each shares a special message of love and friendship or a precious memory. Whether they remind us of our own important milestones or perfectly capture a special bond shared with a loved one, Precious Moments collectibles are sure to be cherished always! Many are lovingly handcrafted of fine bisque porcelain and every Precious Moment figurine you'll find here is expertly hand-painted in the signature Precious Moments color palette. Imagine how beautiful one would look in your home, or how special it would make someone feel to receive it as a gift!

Precious Moments Collectibles Celebrate Favorite Teams, Entertainers and More

From the rock and roll styling of Elvis Presley® to the heart-pounding excitement of an NFL game, many of the adorable Precious Moments figurines that we offer features the beloved Precious Moments characters celebrating your favorite themes. Whether you'd like to create smiles with I LOVE LUCY® figurines or enchant with Disney figurines, a winning tribute is always in store when you celebrate with the beauty and charm of Precious Moments! And speaking of celebration, family warrants the most special celebration of all, and Precious Moments collectible figurines honor relationships with daughters, mothers, sisters, grandparents, friends and more. Remember that many of our collectible figurines are exclusive to The Hamilton Collection, so you won't find them anywhere else. Take a moment and discover the wonderful world of Precious Moments today. Shop Now!

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