Dragon Figurines Invite You Into Their Exciting Lair

One of the most fascinating places to visit while shopping with The Hamilton Collection is the mystical home of dragons. We know there are plenty of dragon fans out there, and we are eager to charm you with a thrilling lair of dragon figurines you won't find elsewhere. Our breathtaking dragon figurines capture the true spirit of this mythical beast in settings meant to accentuate its beauty, power and intoxicating allure. Bringing the unique artistic vision of established and revered artists like Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Blake Jensen and Todd Lockwood to life, these "fire-breathing" treasures run the gamut of dragon life and sentiment. You can easily join the fierce fun of the poker dragons or dragon rock band, or you can let out a careful coo over Ruby's adorable drangonlings, and so much more. This is merely the beginning of your dragon adventure with The Hamilton Collection.

Because the world of dragons is so popular, our collectible figurines make great gifts too. Just imagine your gift recipients' faces when you grace them with a collection of replica medieval battle axes, topped with impressive creatures from ancient lore. Or, how about a parade of perfectly-pink (and perfectly cute) dragons by Jasmine Becket-Griffith, fighting the ongoing battle against breast cancer with a portion of the proceeds being donated? Whoever you are gift-shopping for, there just might be a special dragon figurine waiting for you to discover today.

If you are looking for unique collectible figurines, The Hamilton Collection Online is a great destination. From the magic of the Disney Princess characters and the adorable charm of Precious Moments figurines, to the super-charged action of NASCAR® and MLB® Baseball, and the fantastic world of dragon figurines, these compelling works of art celebrate a wealth of passions and interests. Plus there is always something new and interesting around the corner, just waiting for our customers to discover, opening new worlds of adventures and inspirations. Ready to start your adventure? Shop Now!

by Collectibles Today®
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