Cat Figurines: From Sleek Felines to Cuddly Kittens

A cat is a blessing that is heaven-sent! Whether it's the irresistible charm of a kitten or the mysterious allure of a black cat, there's plenty to love about our feline friends. At The Hamilton Collection Online, we offer a wide selection of one-of-a-kind collectible figurines that celebrate the joy of cats. Many of our cat collectibles are inspired by the work of acclaimed artists like Kayomi Harai, Jurgen Scholz and Blake Jensen. From Ms. Harai's wide-eyed teacup kittens to Mr. Jensen's Cleo-CAT-tra cat figurine, each one of our cat art treasures is handcrafted and painted by hand to bring the artist's original vision to life in remarkable, three-dimensional detail. And just like real cats, our figurines come in a delightful variety of shapes, colors, breeds and purr-sonalities. From NFL-licensed "fan cats" to Louis Comfort Tiffany-style cat figurines, you'll find a dazzling array of truly unique cat collectibles - we even have fairy cats with jewel-like multi-colored wings. You won't find anything like them in stores!

If you're looking for the purr-fect gift, you've come to the right place! Cat figurines make wonderful gifts because they are not only charming to behold, but they are heartfelt expressions of the joy and love cats inspire in us. Inscribed with sweet sentiments like "Love is the Purr-fect Gift" and "Who Rescued Who," our Precious Moment figurines are touching celebrations of the blessings that our furry companions bring to our lives. Some of our collectibles are messengers of hope, because they benefit worthy causes like WomenHeart, breast cancer awareness and Alzheimer's research. We even have several kitten figurines with angel wings incorporated into their design. These feline angel figurines are lovely expressions of the everlasting bond between a cat and its human! For yourself or someone you love, our handcrafted cat figurines are sure to be treasured. Shop Now!

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