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'Feathers 'N Fur' Kittens Figurine Collection
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"Feathers 'N Fur" Kittens Figurine Collection

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Feathers 'N Fur Kittens Figurine Collection

Limited-edition! Handcrafted and hand-painted cat figurines wear ceremonial headdresses with etched "feathers," "beaded" jewelry, and fringed garb.

Measure 4-1/2" H

"Feathers 'N Fur" Kittens Figurine Collection
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These feline chiefs are ready to "paws" and share the secrets of the spirit world with you! Wearing their majestic ceremonial headdresses with pride, each limited-edition cat figurine in this collection will lead you down the sacred path. Exclusively from The Hamilton Collection, the Feathers 'N Fur Kittens Figurine Collection begins with Issue One, Chief Runs with Paws. Next to arrive will be Issue Two, Running Purr. Soon your collection will continue with Issue Three, Kicking Bird and additional Native American-inspired kitten figurines, each a separate issue to follow.‡

Welcome home the wise and whiskered! Superbly handcrafted of artist's resin, each kitten figurine in this purr-fect collection is painted by hand to capture a wealth of realistic details. Dressed in impressive garb, from headdress to tail, these adorable felines wear intricate sculpted "beaded" jewelry and every "feather" and piece of "fringe" is carefully etched. Strong demand is expected for the Feathers 'N Fur Kittens Figurine Collection, so don't wait, order now!

This exclusive collectible cat figurine collection from The Hamilton Collection features:
  • Let these feline chiefs share their ancient secrets with you in the Feathers 'N Fur Kittens Figurine Collection, exclusively from The Hamilton Collection
  • Each Native American-inspired cat figurine in this collection superbly handcrafted of artist's resin and individually hand-painted in remarkable detail
  • Every kitten figurine wears a detailed unique garb, including a headdress and carefully-etched "feathers," "fringe" and "beaded" jewelry
  • Editions limited to 95 casting days, so order now!
  • Hand-numbered with matching Certificates authenticating your figurines are originals from The Hamilton Collection
  • Measure 4-1/2" H; 11.4 cm H
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  • ‡Each issue will be shipped to you for your review, about one every month or two (pending availability), at the same low issue price and charged to the credit card on which your order was placed. No need to order each one separately
  • You may cancel your collection at any time with no obligation
  • "Issue One - Chief Runs with Paws," will be followed by "Issue Two - Running Purr," "Issue Three - Kicking Bird" and additional cat figurines as they become available
"Feathers 'N Fur" Kittens Figurine Collection
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"Feathers 'N Fur" Kittens Figurine Collection

Cat Figurine Collection Begins with Chief Runs with Paws! Native American-Inspired Kitten Figurine Collection Is a Must!

$29.99 US
$8.99 US
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A fine adult collectible. Not intended for children.
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