Precious Moments

Precious Moments® and Disney Are a Magical Match

At The Hamilton Collection Online we witness a lot of enchanting things, but when you combine the magic of Disney with the wonder of Precious Moments®, well, it's pretty spectacular around here! Now, we're delighted to share our selection of Disney Precious Moments collectibles and keepsakes with you. They're the perfect way to celebrate the joy that Disney and Precious Moments bring to you and your family, and they're certain to make more than a few dreams come true.

You're sure to make happy memories with these handcrafted figurines! But perhaps your granddaughter was always entranced with the Disney Princess characters? Let the Precious Princess Granddaughter Figurine Collection cast its spell. Or maybe you need to let a friend know she's important to you? There'll be no doubt when she sees our Precious Moments You Are the Bright Spot of My Day figurine.

We hope you'll enjoy these magical treasures, along with all our other figurines - from Precious Moments and Disney figurines to cat and dog figurines, sports figurines, Jasmine Becket-Griffith fairy figurines, Thomas Kinkade lady figurines and so much more. Of course, no matter what you choose, you can be certain of the finest quality and craftsmanship, backed our best-in-the-business guarantee. Don't wait for a fairy godmother to show up; this is your chance to make the magic of Precious Moments and Disney yours today! Shop Now!

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