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Precious Moments Collectibles

Precious Moments: Capturing Life's Most Special Memories & Relationships

With their signature teardrop eyes and heartfelt sentiments, Precious Moments® figurines are amongst some of the most collected and heartwarming figurines we offer. The Hamilton Collection is home to a wide selection of unique figurines that tug at your heart strings with their superb handcraftsmanship and uplifting designs. Our Precious Moments figurines touch so many people's hearts too, because they embody life's most beautiful memories, relationships and even one's faith. From our Precious Moments angel figurines that bring comfort, to our Precious Moments figurines inspired by pop culture icons and favorite sports teams, these artistic collectible figurines are created to celebrate many of life's happiest moments.

And to do just that, look no further than our Precious Moments sweetheart figurines! All about the importance of relationships, these adorable Precious Moments keepsakes help express your love for those you hold dear. Because each is individually created to be meaningful in their own way, we are confident that there is a Precious Moments treasure you'll adore. So whether you would be delighted to have a Precious Moments wedding cake topper for your big day or are drawn to the stunning combination of Thomas Kinkade and Precious Moments, there is something special for everyone to discover. Hurry to find the one that speaks to your heart today! Shop Now!