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Collectible Figurines from The Hamilton Collection

Welcome to a renowned destination for the finest in collectible figurines and gifts. The Hamilton Collection is known for its longstanding creation of collectibles, and is proud to offer a unique selection of limited editions and exclusive premieres that are not available in stores. Collectors and non-collectors alike will appreciate our stunning array of artists and themes, offering a wide spectrum of choices that is sure to please. And don't forget that our returns are guaranteed for up to one full year; plus, we offer FREE return shipping, and interest-free installments on many of our gifts and collectibles, so you can always shop with the utmost confidence.

Fairy Figurines Conjure the Magic

Jasmine Becket-Griffith's fantastical world of fairies and dragons always adds a unique touch of magic to everything it touches. Her distinctive fairies' characteristics of wide eyes, vivid colors and expressive features mark each of the Jasmine Becket-Griffith figurines available from The Hamilton Collection. So whether you count yourself among her legions of fans, or are looking for an enticing, yet simple, way to bring a little magic into your everyday life, why not consider a delightful Jasmine Becket-Griffith figurine. You just might fall under her intoxicating spell.

The magic continues with the Wonderful World of Disney, and everyone's favorite Fairies Character, Tinker Bell. Just have a look at the splendid, and sassy, selection of collectible Tinker Bell figurines we have to offer, and you'll be ready to strike some "Pixie Poses" in no time at all. The Peter Pan movie gave us Disney magic at its finest, and the beloved Tinker Bell an unforgettable symbol of the power of belief. Why not take a look at our collectible Tinker Bell figurines today, and prepare to dazzle your home with the enchantment of Disney.

Precious Moments Collectibles

Are you ready for a heartfelt visit to a colorful world marked by Loving, Caring and Sharing? Sam Butcher's renowned teardrop-eyed characters are poised to capture your heart when you witness the inspiration of our Precious Moments® collectibles. A beautiful celebration of family, friendship and unforgettable moments, Precious Moments figurines, collectibles and gifts honor important relationships too. With sentiments that cherish daughters, granddaughter, mothers, friends and more, the world of Precious Moments provides a unique way to lift someone's spirits every single day. Shop Now!